We found that the same questions get asked all the time, so here are some frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have any other questions, please DM us through out Instagram accounts at @SeniorSznMagazine, @JuniorSznMagazine, or @DanceSznMagazine.

It is simple to get featured! Follow our account and use our hashtag in your captions. When we get ready to feature images, we do a search for the hashtag for that page. Just remove the @ from our page name and put the #. For example, @SeniorSznMagazine has the hashtag #SeniorSznMagazine

Of course! As soon as you are featured for the first time on our account we will follow you back. 

Image submissions start on the first of the month and we rotate through our three publications. Check out the magazine page for more information.

It is FREE to submit images. You can submit up to 20 images and we recommend submitting multiple clients in different locations to increase your odds of being published. The only time you pay for anything is for your copies of the magazine once published.

Our business model is based on a photography contest where the images chosen get the opportunity to be published in a printed magazine, which is why we differentiate between being “featured” on our Instagram and “published” in our magazine. We do not charge for image submissions as that model made us feel like we needed to use an image from everyone that submits since they pre-paid. Instead our submissions are free so we can only choose the highest quality images without feeling like we owe submitters anything. The only time you pay anything to us is for your copies of the magazine. This is why both purchase options include the print version of the magazine; so you proudly announce that you are a published photographer/senior/dancer!

Images must be technically correct with their lighting and composure.  With so many images being submitted for consideration, the images that stand out have great lighting, great poses, great backgrounds, great themes, or all of the above. While a person standing front, center to the camera with a smile might get featured or published, an image with a little more flair probably has a better chance.

We do have to reject images for content from time to time. Anything overtly sexual, political, or on railways will be rejected.  

No, like the terms and conditions stated, you do not get paid for being published and are not employed by our company in any way. The magazine publications are much like a contest where the selected images get published.

We think that the advertising potential you get from being featured or published is worth your time and efforts. Your clients will love it and will often share that they were featured/published with their friends and family. This opens the door to new clients. You also have the option of purchasing a plaque to display in your studio to reinforce your achievement to new and potential clients.

We do not choose the images for the Top 50 publication…you do! We look at our featured images on @SeniorSznMagazine with the most likes for that year and publish them together as our Top 50 of the Year. 

Want to have your image published in our Top 50 of the Year magazine? Follow our page, use #SeniorSznMagazine to get featured, and then share your feature to get as many likes on that image as possible.

Yes, this helps us match your image to the release form you fill out. Please use the following format: photocompanyname-clientname-number.jpg